by Diana Tula September 18, 2017


This July I got married and with all the love and excitement and family craziness in the air I created a fun challenge that I am posting now, called a Week of Love Healing..

Our love needs deep, kind healing. The first time we fall 😍 fearlessly and honestly and then... we get hurt. Once, twice, and so on...

Our heart pains and scars and so does our love—how we perceive it, what we believe love is and what we believe love isn't.

Let's start our 7 day journey with simple question...

What is love to you?

Think 💭. Or even better, grab pen & paper and answer all these questions honestly and kindly:
  • How do you experience love most intensely?
  • And how do you give it?
  • Do you feel love when you are hugged and given gifts?
  • Or when you sacrifice yourself for welfare of others? Giving your last $10 to a friend in need?
  • What drives this love inside of yourself? What motivates you to love and to receive love?
Answer honestly, no one is listening in🌿 but your heart. Be kind and honest..

Because by answering these questions honestly you are allowing trust grow within you.

The more you open up truthfully about what you want in love and how you give love, the more powerful 💪 your healing experience will be.

See you tomorrow for Healing Day 2 😌🙏🏻
Xx, Diana

Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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It is so wonderful to acknowledge what beautiful journey we travelled so far.

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Honestly it is everywhere and I love it!

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Our love lives in our heart ❤️, it lives in our body 💪, it is in our soul🦋, and in every part of our being.

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