by Diana Tula September 19, 2017


Yesterday we defined to ourselves what love means to us - how we like to give love 💖 and receive it.

Now let's take some time to feel love every day.

Set aside 5 minutes today and feel the love going out to all the people that you care about..

1) Send love to your mom, sister, best friend, partner...

2) Think of anyone who was unkind to you today or this week, and know that the only reason they acted this way is because they don't have love in their life. They feel lonely and scared.

You are not justifying them to accept their abuse. Instead you send understanding into the world, you add more love into your life by reflecting and letting go of these situations.

You let go of that moment of cruelty. And you allow love into your heart...

3) Feel the energy of compassion...Feel how it just increased its presence in your heart. Know that right now you are already stronger, you have more love ❤️

4) To keep this energy alive send it to someone: call or text someone whom you love. And in your call or text send them a hug, let them know you care, show them you love them in a way that matters to you.

And in that time of being in touch with that person acknowledge that currently your time is spent 💯% on love.

You are love.

Giving and receiving it..

Try this exercise out every day for the rest of the week and observe any change.

You will give 5 minutes of your time but you will receive so much more back.

Observe and see what the universe will give you in return. Spend some time on love ❤️

Abundance & Joy 🌿

Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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