by Diana Tula September 21, 2017

🌿 [DAY4]

Yesterday we experienced a new flow of self-love enter our life in abundance.

So now it's perfect time to let go of things and people who no longer serve us.

What does it mean? It means that anything and anyone who affects us in a negative way, holds us back, and/or is destructive to us and our life has to be parted with. In my coaching practice I call this "spiritual detox".

Are you ready for a spiritual detox?...

Let's start with relationships. We tend to drag so much pain and guilt with memories of relationships that ended eons ago...

I'm talking about that friend who you have so many good memories with, but who has been nothing but unfair and toxic to you 😢 Maybe you have forgiven him/Her a couple of times, but they have hurt you majorly and that pain lingers. It still hurts beneath the surface. ✨ Now is the time to heal and let it go...

1) Write down the name of this person (maybe you're not in touch any more, but you still think about them, write their name down).

2) Then with the hand that you don't normally write with spell this out:

"I let go of all the pain you caused me. I ask you to forgive me if I hurt you too. I no longer accept the abuse you caused in my heart, I forbid it to ever enter my heart again."

3) ... And now write with your dominant hand, switch hands please 🤚:

" I am strong and my heart has healed from the pain you caused me and the pain I allowed in the past. I can feel the energy of healing and abundance and I humbly accept it with gratitude. From now on I will not accept selfish and toxic people in my life. I take my inner Power back!"

4) With these words take a couple of breaths in and out and feel the healing. Let it happen.

5) Take the note (now the fun part) and a pair of scissors. Shred this note into pieces and trash it.

You are now FREE.

Be gentle to yourself and remember to stay true to your promise: no more toxic people and especially friends in your life 💖

You are beautiful, vibrant and strong!

Don't let others mooch off your good energy.

Protect your good vibes and your beautiful heart ❤️
Xx, Diana

Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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