by Diana Tula September 22, 2017

[DAY 5] Treat Yourself

I keep on seeing this statement everywhere: on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook...

Honestly it is everywhere and I love it!

Because to heal our love we truly, really need to to treat ourselves.

Our love lives in our heart ❤️, it lives in our body 💪, it is in our soul🦋, and in every part of our being.

So by being kind to ourselves and treating ourselves, in a way, we are are also treating the love within us...

For Day 5 of this challenge I ask you to go ahead and treat yourself:

i. You don't have to buy something fancy for yourself, but if you can spend five bucks today... on candy or favourite drink or a trinket from an antique store... treat yourself to something small but something that you really enjoy

ii. Wear your favourite dress or your favourite lipstick and feel like a goddess that you are! Even if you are at home all day, even if no one will see or care, you care. Do it for you 💕 Do your makeup, and hair, take some photos and just appreciate how beautiful you are. Because you are gorgeous!

iii. Own your "Me Time". Create a time slot every day of 15-30 mins. Where you dedicate this tie to YOU. Spend it on journaling, meditation or a bubble bath with some aroma oils. Always, always have this time set for you in your calendar. Remember, you are not your work or your chores. You are you and you are awesome. Own this time & let it be yours!

iv. Cuddle up with a good read. Look around your bookshelf for your Kindle/iPad/tablet and discover your favourite read—be it a a magazine or a book and read it again 📚 👓
Because reading is sexy and you are sexy (yup, you are!) and it feels so good to indulge in the little things that make us just a bit more happy 💐

Treat yourself today at least with 1 item from the list above. And try to treat yourself every day for the rest of the week. Observe how you feel when you're kind to yourself and when You Place Yourself #1.

Feels good? Keep on doing it...

Sending you lots of love & healing vibes 🦋
Xx Diana

Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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