by Diana Tula September 23, 2017

😌✨[DAY 6]

It is so wonderful to acknowledge what beautiful journey we travelled so far.

We treated ourselves, healed old wounds, allowed self-love and have let go of negativity that was holding us back 🌿

With one more day left for the challenge I encourage you to spend today and tomorrow recognizing your journey...

And I am now only talking about the 7 Day transformation journey that we've travelled so far. I am talking about YOUR individual life journey that you've been traveling ever since you were born and up until this very same moment..

1) Take some time off today and reflect on this:
+ You were born into this world from love
+ You received love to be nurtured and to grow up
+ As a teen you were ready to both give and receive love
+ Your first trials in love have begun, sometimes you lost and sometimes you triumphed
+ And now you have dedicated yourself to heal the love that's inside your heart, to give it a chance to resurrect like a Phoenix. To be young, strong and fearless in love 💕✨

2) Think back to all the moments when it felt so good to be loved...

And thank the people who have given you love, even if it was just tiny drops of it.

Thank Mother Nature. Thank the universe. Thank your mom. Give gratitude with your thoughts 💭 it may not seem like much, but it is HUGE.

Gratitude has an immense power to transform lives and to heal.

3) Try to list in your mind and thank anyone who has loved you.

People who loved you throughout your entire, long life journey 🚗 As a babe, as a kid, as a teen, as a young adult and now... remember all the love and let the memories warm your heart ❤️

If bad memories, painful memories come up, don't focus on them. Let them be, but keep your focus on the memories of love.

It's important to stay present in this feeling, immersed in gratitude ✨

4) Observe how you feel in this process.
Is your heart beating faster? Are you feeling a sense of warmth spread all over your body? Do you feel nostalgia?...
Whatever you feel let it be and accept it. It is all part of the healing love process 🦋

See you tomorrow for the last day of the challenge 😌 It is bitter-sweet, but I am so happy and so proud of you by taking this journey with me so far.

Love & Abundance
Xx, Diana

Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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