How To Let Go of Stress

by Diana Tula September 05, 2017


High fever 🤒... 3 days in bed... Horrible headaches and boring TV shows...

Never mind all that these past days were the best days!

What? How?! Because I stayed true to myself, my brain always inquisitive and seeking answers..

 I tried to learn something new from this weird situation of being sick, see it as an opportunity 💫 VS a burden...

And it worked!

I met an amazing new role model, got to listen to enlightening lectures by Osho and learned something really precious that I'll try to implement in my life every day -- being silly.

My new mentor Joanne is fantastic. Every day she greets with smile, irony, and even if it rains during the entire vacation she doesn't complain, instead she says "wow, it was awesome!"...

She manages to live every day this way, just being silly and playful about everything that comes her way. She is in her late 40s, but she makes faces, talks in funny voices and is not afraid of being expressive. She believes that every problem can be solved and she tackles it by being really incredibly silly.

Silliness really is an art form 🙈😝

I want more of it in my life: for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Would you like to be a more silly and a bit less stressed too? Join me in this wonderful practice.



Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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