It's Time To Organize Your Life...And Your Closet

by Diana Tula September 06, 2017


I love LOVE organizing my closet in a way it helps me to organize my life..

It saves time in the mornings and it is such a great opportunity to review what you have and shop for what you’re missing.

I learned a great technique (years pre-Marie Kondo) from my Irish friend/fashion blogger and I’d love to share it with you. It’s super simple...

1) Just dump everything out of the closet and out of the drawers onto your bed. Then tackle each item, sorting it by type (bottoms, tops, bras, socks, ect.)

2) This way you can actually see what you own and what you are missing. Write down what you are lacking and need to buy (more pants or perhaps more plain tops).

3) Discard or put away “unwanted” items. Clothes that you don’t want to wear, that look bad on you or which are super-worn and it’s time to let them go. Put this pile into a donation bin or box it up until next season when you’ll review it again.

4) Hang your clothes back in the closet. This time putting items together in pairs (all bottoms go on one rack, tops on the other, and pjs elsewhere completely). Try to organize your closet by occasion (casual items vs special occasion wear) or even colours (personally I divide my closet into two: dark coloured clothes and bright/white-ish clothes).

BONUS: PRO TIP Hang up matching purses, totes and backpacks beside the tops you wear the most. This way when you are getting ready, you can wear a new kind purse and feel all happier for it :) Something new that breaks your routine is always good for you!

Life coaching is not about a slew of advices on how to make more To Do lists, vision boards and meditate 3 times a day...

It is how you live your life and all the aspects of it (your family, your work, your habits), it’s a 360 approach to who you are and what you want.

And I hope you are ready to learn and TRY OUT something new, because that’s the only way to allow positive change into your life.

Be courageous and curious and hungry for more.

And I’ll be here to give you tips, tricks and new ideas.


Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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