Morning Rituals

by Diana Tula September 03, 2017

I am not a morning person! Not because I don't like mornings, I don't like how they make me feel...

How slow my brain is, I don't feel 100% aware and awake and ready to go! So I started thinking... 🤔 Can I fix this? Well, no..

I can't really change how my body responds to mornings, but I CAN change what I do in the mornings to feel a bit more like my normal awake self.

So I sat down and and wrote down all the things that will make me enjoy morning more, turning an ordinary morning into a happy one:

💖 Music. Play music that makes me happy: bird songs, nature sounds, the Queen, anything I love.
💖 Breakfast. Actually eat something that I like (not just the healthy stuff) with Nutella on it.
💖 Tea. It warms me and it is my favourite thing to drink. So I stashed some herbal mixes and fave roiboos flavours.
💖 Clothes. Instead of choosing what to wear in the morning I'll plan the night ahead, it saves me time and I don't need to stand like a zombie in front of my wardrobe and think "hmmm... What do I feel like wearing today?" And just hearing crickets answering from my half-asleep mind. I am way sharper in the evenings and decision making is so much easier....

So here are my 4 morning rituals that don't sound like much, but they really changed the way I approach and function in the mornings.

My mornings became so much more delightful, and even though I still feel completely disoriented at least I do it with a smile on my face 😄 even if I look like a smiling zombie 🙈

Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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