Set Your Tarot Deck On Fire 🔥

by Diana Tula June 01, 2017

Why are we listening to others instead of listening to ourselves? We seek astrologists, tarot cads and crystals to tell us our future, find our purpose and even something as serious as our one true love… 

Why are we doing it? Can a deck of cards or a master in the Himalayas really tell us what to do? Will an object or another person really fix all of our problems and point us in the right direction?…

It is time to face the harsh truth, the answer is:


And you know it.

So why are we doing it, turning to others for answers? Maybe that’s because we are afraid of taking responsibility.

That’s right, we’re afraid of being accountable for…well, our life. Because if you chose that boyfriend, you chose that job, you chose that hobby as a life calling and quit your 9-5 or tell to you best friend straight up everything that you think about him or her—then who will be accountable?


I have another question for you:

If you do listen to that card spread or angel guidance or a guru and you take action based on what you were told... aren’t you still assuming responsibility because you are the one who is actually taking action?

It is you who is out there doing stuff and saying things. Not your tarot cards, not your crystals or amazing astrologist from LA. You are the one who is responsible for all of your actions anyway. So why not be honest about it…

Why not just talk to yourself and look inward instead of looking everywhere else, but inside for answers. 
Inside you have an amazing source of information, an untapped well of Inner Power.

And all you need to do is just start talking to yourself.

Not a crazy cat lady kind of way, but an honest and gentle way. When you cut out the outside noise and listen in to your true voice. It will tell you all of your dreams, desires and truths about yourself that only your heart knows and no one else.

So, maybe you shouldn’t set your tarot deck on fire, it’s a bit extreme. Just spend 5 minutes a day and journal down everything that it’s inside your heart. And you’ll be one step closer to actually getting to know yourself. The true and beautiful soul that you are.


And if you ever need me by your side to help you to tune up your inner voice and finally follow your dreams I’ll be there for you. Let’s get on a call :)

Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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