Why It's Important To Say "Thanks"

by Diana Tula September 09, 2017


Every Eastern practice and philosophy is based on gratitude, on saying thanks to the universe and the wonderful people in your life.

It's really fun to do when everything seems awesome, but in times of stress, doubt and in just plain bad times it's hard to look a person or a situation in the eyes and say:

"Thanks! Yes, you, thanks to stepping on my foot with your pointy heel! Thanks for yelling at me! Thanks for soaking me wet!"

For the longest time I could not understand how to be grateful to such "jerks", not until I started thinking about karma...

I assumed that I lived for 1,000s of years in previous lives and I probably wasn't a saint (I am no saint now) and I probably hurt some people (well, there's already a pretty long list of people I hurt in this life)...

So, I made mistakes and hurt people and I was reborn again for a reason.


Perhaps to undo the wrongs and to learn to be better. Now how can the universe help me with this new life mission?...

Probably by sending me teachers (people, animals, weather, traffic and subway delays) who can show me what a jerk I was and what a jerk I probably still am. So I could look at every situation and learn from it, have "aha" moments, and start reflecting why I reacted a certain way instead of dwelling and being angry with this world 🌎

Now when a cyclist yells at me, I thank him - obviously not for being rude - but for showing me that there's bottled up anger inside of me, it lives there, thriving... Now I know what to work on, what I can improve on and learn from.

The more I observed these unpleasant situations that more I realized that a world is a mirror, and all the bad stuff shows how ugly I am. And I love it!..

Because it is hard to accept the ugliness in you but it's the only way to move forward.

To learn, understand and move on 💖🐳

Wishing you patience and love.

Thank you for being here,

Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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