You Are Perfect!

by Diana Tula June 01, 2017

4 years ago I was in a lineup to buy some towels, it was an ordinary day just like any other. The lady at the counter scanned my items, looked up at me and said “You are perfect”.

That simple sentence meant the world to me.

Why? Because my life was falling apart: recently un-engaged, I was in pieces, confused, betrayed, my self-confidence broken, feeling ugly, lost…

I was a lot of things, I definitely was not perfect.

And then she looked up at me the second time, shrugging off my “thanks”, she said “You are perfect, yes you are!”...

That second time was like a huge HUG from the universe.

I left the store as soon as I could, trying not to break into tears in public. Simple words of reassurance from a complete stranger made me feel incredibly valued and loved. So today I’d like for you to pass this message along...

Please know that you ARE perfect.

And that you ARE loved. Even if you don’t feel like that all the time. And please pass these kind words along, spread the love, because we may never know who needs it the most, hiding behind their “I am OKAY" mask..

With this lovely, kind message I’d like to start a series of new posts on my Blog, as I’d like to share with you more kind messages, what’s really going on behind the scenes and how I embrace life every day.

Last year I was so inspired by so many honest, sweet people whom shared their hearts with me and this year I'd like to give

💕 Hugs,

Diana Tula
Diana Tula


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