by Diana Tula September 19, 2017


Yesterday we defined to ourselves what love means to us - how we like to give love 💖 and receive it.

Today let's take some time to feel love every day. Feel it grow, expansing within us, so we can understand it better and accept it into our life.

Set aside 5 minutes today and feel the love going out to all the people that you care about..

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by Diana Tula September 18, 2017


This July I got married and with all the love and excitement and family craziness in the air I created a fun challenge that I am posting now, called a Week of Love Healing..

Our love needs deep, kind healing. The first time we fall 😍 fearlessly and honestly and then... we get hurt. Once, twice, and so on...

Our heart pains and scars and so does our lovehow we perceive it, what we believe love is and what we believe love isn't.

Let's start our 7 day journey with simple question...

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8 Things About Me

by Diana Tula September 11, 2017


I've been meeting so many new inner power seekers recently and wanted to say thanks for all the love ❤️

So, who's Diana and why should you care?

I'd like for you to get to know me better, so here's 8 things about me... 🌿

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Cherish Your Secret Happiness

by Diana Tula September 10, 2017


It's a state of mind and soul that starts with satisfaction...

Being completely okay with who you are and what is happening to you.

After living in the same same city, neighbourhood, place - seeing and experiencing the same people and landscapes all the time - it gets bOring. And we do take for granted the magic that's there, we just don't see it anymore 🙈

The scary word "routine" creeps into our life and takes over...

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