Why It's Important To Say "Thanks"

by Diana Tula September 09, 2017


Every Eastern practice and philosophy is based on gratitude, on saying thanks to the universe and the wonderful people in your life.

It's really fun to do when everything seems awesome, but in times of stress, doubt and in just plain bad times it's hard to look a person or a situation in the eyes and say:

"Thanks! Yes, you, thanks to stepping on my foot with your pointy heel! Thanks for yelling at me! Thanks for soaking me wet!"

For the longest time I could not understand how to be grateful to such "jerks", not until I started thinking about karma...

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It's Time To Organize Your Life...And Your Closet

by Diana Tula September 06, 2017


I love LOVE organizing my closet in a way it helps me to organize my life..

It saves time in the mornings and it is such a great opportunity to review what you have and shop for what you’re missing.

I learned a great technique (years pre-Marie Kondo) from my Irish friend/fashion blogger and I’d love to share it with you. It’s super simple...

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How To Let Go of Stress

by Diana Tula September 05, 2017


High fever 🤒... 3 days in bed... Horrible headaches and boring TV shows...

Never mind all that these past days were the best days!

What? How?! Because I stayed true to myself, my brain always inquisitive and seeking answers..

 I tried to learn something new from this weird situation of being sick, see it as an opportunity 💫 VS a burden...

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Morning Rituals

by Diana Tula September 03, 2017

I am not a morning person! Not because I don't like mornings, I don't like how they make me feel...

How slow my brain is, I don't feel 100% aware and awake and ready to go! So I started thinking... 🤔 Can I fix this? Well, no..

I can't really change how my body responds to mornings, but I CAN change what I do in the mornings...

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