Dealing With Your Fear

by Diana Tula September 02, 2017

Best way to overcome fear is to realize that you are not alone.

Everyone is always afraid of something and it's okay.

It's completely 100% normal to have doubts, to second-guess, but if fear paralyzed you, gives you anxiety or prevents you from LIVING it is time to kick that fear to the curb...


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Set Your Tarot Deck On Fire 🔥

by Diana Tula June 01, 2017

Why are we listening to others instead of listening to ourselves? We seek astrologists, tarot cads and crystals to tell us our future, find our purpose and even something as serious as our one true love… 

Why are we doing it? Can a deck of cards or a master in the Himalayas really tell us what to do? Will an object or another person really fix all of our problems and point us in the right direction?…

It is time to face the harsh truth, the answer is:


And you know it.

So why are we doing it, turning to others for answers?... 

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You Are Perfect!

by Diana Tula June 01, 2017


4 years ago I was in a lineup to buy some towels, it was an ordinary day just like any other. The lady at the counter scanned my items, looked up at me and said “You are perfect”.

That simple sentence meant the world to me.

Why? Because my life was falling apart: recently un-engaged, I was in pieces, confused, betrayed, my self-confidence broken, feeling ugly, lost…

I was a lot of things, I definitely was not perfect...

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A Good Life Coach Will Do Just That

by Diana Tula May 30, 2017

Have you ever gotten a new hairstyle as a way to mark a new beginning? I do that every time I need a brand new start in life.

But it’s not just the haircut or the new dye colour, is it?

That’s just the physical element of the changes you are making. The final touch of the new you. This is what I call Personal Renewal.

So, when your life feels like it needs a new haircut too, you go through a self-discovery process. And at the end of it, when you are exhausted from all the information you're read on the internet and tried every advice your girlfriends have given you, you realize...

You still are NOT in that awesome place where you wanted to go. Why?

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