Diana Tula’s life philosophy is centred on the principle of ‘love’, and with this she empowers her clients to build the lives on their dreams by “adding love to everything that you do”.

Having successfully mentored women globally, Diana makes creating your dream life simple and achievable. She works exclusively with people who are ready to “roll-up their sleeves” and follow their dreams, be it in love or in life.

Through the power of Life Strategy—a unique method designed by Diana on “How to get you from where you are to where you want to be”, Diana equips her clients with powerful and simple guidance at her Live Online “8 Week” Programs.

Diana also works with clients through personalized coaching, group programs, in-person retreats, and mastermind experiences.

With more women ready to start creating their dream lives than ever before, Diana believes that personal transformation is “truly a hero’s journey” and works to foster a community of women who are active achievers of their dreams.

After streamlining and adding Life Strategy to her own life, Diana has found her calling and love, and relocated from the hustle of downtown to her favourite part of Toronto, where she lives her dream life with her husband and cat!